Woman arrested in bomb scare says object was an alarm clock

Image by Heavy

Virginia, USA  –  This is why you should never ever attempt a bomb joke!

A 52-year-old Richmond woman was arrested and accused of possessing a fake explosive device that set off a bomb scare in a grocery store parking lot.

Daphne Page, a Fan District resident, was arrested Friday after someone spotted the device in the back seat of her car. Page was grocery shopping inside a Whole Foods nearby.

She said that when she left it in the back seat of her car, it never occurred to her that it might look real enough to cause concern.

Page told The Richmond-Times Dispatch that the object was a clock designed to look like a bundle of dynamite that she bought for $1. She said she didn’t realize it would scare people; calling it an “obvious fake.”

“It was a novelty clock — an obvious fake,” she said. “Within my family, we have a robust sense of humor. It’s not for everyone, I guess.”

Page was charged with the manufacture, possession or use of explosives — a statute that includes the manufacture and possession of hoax devices.

Officials declined to say whether they believe the device, which was first spotted by a store employee, was left in the parking lot in an intentional effort to cause panic.