Love or Rage? Woman furiously stomps car caught on cam

Image capture of video by Noar25 via YouTube and

Alabama, USA  –  A video footage of a woman stomping a windshield of a car went viral. And we’re left wondering: “What could drive a woman to do that?”

It happened in a parking lot in Alabama where Barbara Emmy Lowery, the woman behind the smashing of the Volvo car, knew she may extend the limits of what she may have done but still did it anyway.

“I know breaking the windshield is a going too far,” Lowery, 24, told Inside Edition. “But I did it anyway.”

Lowery wouldn’t say what made her do it. Some sources say that this was a love triangle situation gone wrong and others say that this happened out of pure rage over the fact that her friend had broken her favorite John Mayer CD, Continuum.

The car is owned by Nick Myrick from Birmingham, Alabama and he denied that Lowery is his ex on his Facebook page.

If this indeed is a love triangle issue or a mere disagreement over a John Mayer CD, well, only they know.

What is sure is that the damage has been done. (wink)