World’s heaviest man prepares to undergo weight reduction surgery

Image by News Ifeng

Guadalajara, Mexico – A man believed to be the world’s heaviest at 595 kilos will undergo surgery to reduce his size this 9th of May, 2017.

Juan Pedro Franco, 33-year-old from Mexico, has prepared for the operation by losing 30 percent of his weight or  175 kg (385 lbs) in a special clinic to make the surgery possible.

Franco had been on a three-month diet to prepare for his gastric bypass surgery.

Image by Odisha Sun Times

Five days before surgery is needed to prepare for the operation, where blood, imaging, pulmonary and cardiac function will be studied by a team of doctors.

Franco’s doctor, Jose Castaneda will operate on him; together with other specialists including an instrumentalist as well as a team of two anaesthesiologists and a cardiologist who will watch over Franco’s vital signs during the 20 -minute surgery.

Hopeful that his treatment will be a success, Franco also remains positive.

Franco is urging those suffering from obesity ‘to raise their voice and be heard so that help will come since it is possible’.