Young lady tries to get rid of her tattoo; flowers on her chest turn into a ‘bull’

Image by Johnny Jetstream Gault, Chicago Bulls

Getting a tattoo is no longer a big deal as it was decades ago. But getting one isn’t like a walk in the park either. Your choice of who, how, and where to get it and the care for it afterwards are major factors.

Cleanliness of materials used and tattoo aftercare is also crucial. If not properly cared for, tattoos can lead to infections, leave permanent scars, and or even progress into life-threatening illnesses. So educate ourselves, research, and “think before you get inked”; after all, a successful work of art or a failed unpleasant scar, it will be with you for the rest of your life.

These days, the number of people wanting to get inked is increasing.  However, lots of people are resorting to cheap services offered by some ‘tattoo artists’  —  whose reputation we just need to check first.

Well, one Facebook user named Johnny Jetstream Gault posted photos of a young woman who made a permanent damage to her chest area. It isn’t clear if she got inked by a professional or a fake and cheap tattoo service, but it was her own decision to “cancel” the body artwork by applying acid to burn the ink out of her skin. What happened next was totally unexpected!

According to Gault’s Facebook post: “So I finally have the official info, this girl wanted to get rid of this tattoo because of negative remarks towards having it and the way that tattoos are viewed in Asia. So this young lady took hydrochloric acid and exposed it to her skin to literally burn the ink out of her skin… for those of you who don’t know, tattoos are illegal in many different Asian countries and are punishable by being placed in an internment camp. It’s sad that places this closed minded towards alternative beauty and body modification still exist.”

(Images by: Facebook Johnny Jetstream Gault)
Some images were removed due to its graphic content, but if you’re game for this kind of stuff, you can click this link.