67 Pinoys receive scholarship awards to Australia; will help Philippines in programs and projects upon their return

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Sixty-seven proud Filipinos are bound to leave their country in July to pursue their postgraduate studies through the prestigious Australia Awards Scholarship Program, the Australian Embassy said in a statement.

To finalize their Re-Entry Action Plans (REAP), the brilliant scholars underwent a pre-departure briefing from May 9 to 11, the embassy said.

REAP is a unique feature of the scholarship program and is designed to make use of their studies in economics, entrepreneurship, trade, infrastructure, public policy, and education.

To contribute to development in the Philippines in their chosen government office, non-profit organization or community, the scholars will enact what they have learned upon their return to the Philippines in the form of programs and projects.

Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely said the scholarship offers the “next generation of global leaders” opportunities to develop, while engaging with Australian culture and enable reforms upon their return.

Gorely said: “At the end of your scholarship, you will return with new ideas, knowledge and skills that will enable you to influence reforms in the Philippines as leaders in your chosen field.”

Previous scholars enacted REAP that created investment and incentive codes to create a business-friendly environment back in the Philippines, particularly in Region 6. While another scholar enhanced software for better distribution of geospatial information to the public.

Two dozens of the scholars came from government agencies while the rest are from the private sector, civil society, other government agencies, media and the academe.

All scholars received a full scholarship package including tuition, health coverage, travel and cost of living allowance, and supplementary tutorial assistance, and upon their return, an invitation to be a member of the Global Alumni Network.

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