Arizona Desert Rescue: Dog honored as hero after saving owner’s life

Image capture of video by Purina Canada via YouTube

Edmonton, Canada  –  An Edmonton pooch  is being honored as a hero after saving her owner’s life.

Becky Jo, a five-year-old Australian Shepherd-Border Collie mix was following her owner, Tracy Matkea, on a horseback ride in an Arizona Desert when a terrible accident happened. The horse ridden by Matkea got startled and she was dragged half a mile and left alone unconscious in the desert.

Tracy’s husband said, moments later, Becky Jo appeared in the yard.

“And, she wasn’t acting like she normally does, so, I thought I’ll get on the machine and try and follow her and she took me to where the accident was and where Tracy was laying,” he said.

Becky Jo led Butch about five km to Matkea, who was later airlifted to a Phoenix hospital.

Doctors said if Tracy had been found 10 minutes later, she would have lost her life.

Becky Jo is now being honored by Purina for her heroism, along with two other pets, and will receive a gold medal, a year’s supply of dog food, and a $5,000.