Bulacan barangay captain arrested, accused of burning, killing businesswoman

  • Barangay captain in Bulacan has been arrested 
  • He was accused of kidnapping and murdering a businesswoman and her driver
  • The victims have been missing for over two months already

The barangay captain of Pulong Yantok in the town of Angat in Bulacan has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and killing a businesswoman and her driver who have been missing since March 25 this year.

Barangay Captain Apolonio Policarpio Marcelo Jr. was arrested last June 3 at 5:00 in the morning after his driver pointed at him as the mastermind of the killing behind Filipino-Chinese businesswoman Edeltrudes Tan and her driver, ABS-CBN said in a story.

Tan and driver John Jason Puyo has been missing since March. The police’s Anti-Kidnapping Group said the two were kidnapped on their way to a farm in Barangay Pulang Yantok.

During the police’s raid in Marcelo’s residence, they found firearms, expired licenses and parts of the burned bodies of the victims. The other parts of the victims’ bodies were previously found in a quarry site in another Bulacan town.

The businesswoman’s husband Ruben Tan said Marcelo owes them millions of money.

Prior to the raid, Tan received a text message asking for $2 million worth of ransom money in order for the victims to be freed. The ransom was later put down to $750,000 but Tan said no proof of life was ever given.

Marcelo, on the other hand, denied the accusations.

The government official is now facing charges for illegally carrying firearms and allegedly committing kidnapping and homicide.

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