Cute toddler thought bride was the real-life ‘princess’ from her ‘favorite book’, she just can’t take eyes off her

Image by Stephanie Cristalli, Imgur Skizzotrobzface

For all children, even adults with a child inside, meeting your favorite fictional character is a dream coming true.

Well, one adorable little girl believes that dream just came true when she saw a bride across the street that looks very much like the one in her favorite book, which she happens to bring wherever she goes.

On a rainy February afternoon at the streets of Seattle, a couple was photo-shooting for their wedding at the same day with photographer Stephanie Cristalli. The groom, Scott Robertson, said: “It was the icing on the cake of an already perfect day.” As Shandace Lerma was being photographed in her bridal finery, a mother was walking along the street with her young daughter, who was carrying her favorite book.

It was all in perfect timing as they have the photographer at the moment to capture the encounter – and the resulting images are simply beautiful.

“The little girl thought my beautiful wife was the Princess from her favorite book (the one she’s holding),” Scott writes on Imgur.

Kindhearted bride Shandace didn’t disappoint her young fan and bent down to offer her a flower from a bouquet, and gave the little child a sweet hug.

“It just warmed my heart to see the beautiful reactions from both this little girl and my bride. My wife loves kids, so this was a very special moment for her,” said Scott.

The bride said she was “overjoyed to have that little moment” on her big day.

Scott Robertson with wife Shandance (Image by Imgur, Stephanie Cristalli)


The little girl who seem to be fond of flowers (based on her dress and shoes print) receives a gift from the ‘princess’ (Image by Imgur, Stephanie Cristalli)

A closer look of the ‘idol and the fan’ now real-life new found friends (Image by Imgur, Stephanie Cristalli)