Extremely rare white ‘albino’ snake quarantined for its own protection

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Nope, it’s not a huge white garter, and not that English rockband ‘Whitesnake‘ that spawned from Deep Purple. It’s white, it has eyes, it has scales, it’s a snake, a white snake, an ultra rare albino snake!

The odd-looking snake handed into a wildlife park was immediately quarantined due to its rarity.

This particular snake has been placed in a protected environment at the Territory Wildlife Park in Northern Territory, Australia, to ensure it remains safe.

The slaty grey snake , native to Australia, is usually dark brown in color. But this one is categorized as an ‘albino.’

So-called leucistic animals are similar to albino but they still have some pigment which is why their eyes are not pink.

A spokesman for the wildlife park said: “The nocturnal snake has been placed in quarantine at the park to make sure it is free of any nasties that can harm our other animals.

“It will then be put on display for everyone to marvel at.”

Animal lovers reacted in amazement at pictures posted online by the national park. Many people described the snake as “cool, lovely, and beautiful”.

This incredible and rare snake was rescued by a local and handed into the Territory Wildlife Park yesterday. It is a…

Posted by Territory Wildlife Park on Friday, June 16, 2017


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