Fake or real rice? NFA gives tips on distinguishing, launches ‘Bantay Bigas Hotline’

Image by NFA on Facebook. veritas

NFA is giving us tips on how to discern if the rice we bought is fake.

News of ‘fake rice’ or ‘plastic rice’ recently spread on social media. NFA stated that those alarming infos are just hoaxes, and for the sake of the people, the National Food Authority has released tips on eyeing real from fake rice:

  • According to NFA, ‘bran streak’ is visible on real rice. These are markings that were left from rice casings or rice hulls, which is noticeable if the rice is not ‘overmilled.’
  • At one end of a non-fake rice grain, a ‘Hilum’ (chalk-like dot or scar) can be seen
  • One side of a real rice grain is slanting
  • Not all grains of the natural rice are the same size and shape
  • The presence of ridges or grooves on the surface of a natural kernel—
  • —-(Translated to Filipino/Tagalog)—


  • Ayon sa NFA, ang tunay na bigas ay makikitaan ng ‘bran streak’ o ang markang naiwan mula sa ipa na nakabalot dito. Ang markang ito ay maiiwan kung hindi overmilled ang palay.
  • Sa isang dulong bahagi naman na mukhang uka sa isang butil ng bigas, makikita ang ‘hilum’ o ang mala-chalk na gitnang bahagi nito.
  • Pahilis ang isang dulo ng isang butil ng bigas.
  • Hindi pare-pareho ng hugis at laki ang bawat butil ng bigas.
  • Maaari ring mayroong mga uka sa rabaw ng butil ng bigas.

NFA also suggests buying rice only from accredited stores.

To know that a store is NFA-accredited, the complete name of the trader and license number is displayed on the store.

When the rice is cooked, there must not be bubble-like substances on the surface of the rice. And if the cooked rice smells like plastic, NFA encourages consumers to call the ‘Bantay Bigas Hotline’ (0906-436-3133).

If you suspect someone may have eaten fake rice, it is strictly advised to see a doctor immediately.

A Facebook post by the NFA on Monday:

Physical characteristics or basis for determining that rice is real or natural and originated from paddy grain

Posted by National Food Authority on Monday, June 19, 2017