House Speaker Alvarez on Resorts World Manila incident: Lone wolf terrorist attack

  • House Speaker weighed in on deadly casino complex attack
  • He said incident an example of a terrorist attack perpetrated by a lone wolf
  • He urged better cooperation between public and private sectors to ward off such attacks

MANILA, Philippines  –  Weighing in on the deadly Resorts World Manila incident, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez described it as an example of a terrorist attack perpetrated by a lone wolf.

“This is a clear example of a lone wolf terrorist attack targeting civilians to inflict maximum loss of life and damage to property, as what has happened in other countries,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

In describing the incident which left more than three dozen people dead and scores wounded, Alvarez urged better cooperation between the government and the private sector to ensure no such attacks happen again.

“We must draw up a clear and better plan to secure Metro Manila and other urban centers from IS-linked groups that we already know will attempt to kill and maim in pursuit of their jihadist ideology,” he said. “We also urge the citizenry to actively help the government fight terrorism in all its forms by providing information to authorities on suspicious or unusual activities in their communities.”

Alvarez’s view contrasts starkly with that of police officials who said the case may be one of robbery rather than terrorism.

President Rodrigo Duterte himself agreed with the findings and said no terror group was involved in the attack perpetrated by a single culprit.

“It’s not ISIS. Why would he steal plastic he knows he can’t use? He didn’t want to kill,” the president said; commenting on the gunman’s ransacking of millions worth of chips from the casino and his non-use of his submachine gun.