‘I wuv you, robot’: Watch this adorable little girl make friends with a water heater

Image capture of video by Viral Videos via YouTube

“I wuv you, robot!”

This is not a story of Baymax or from the Terminator movie series. Rather, this is about a little girl who thinks that a heater is a robot!

A viral video of a little girl hugging a water heater thinking that it is a robot may be the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen since the movie of a personal healthcare companion robot, Baymax.

In a 24-second video posted on YouTube, Rayna will melt your heart as she repeatedly waves to a broken water heater saying “Hi, wobot!” The heater is literally a piece of junk on the sidewalk, but with the two big circles on top resembling what looks like a two pair of eyes, it’s kind of like a robot.

After receiving nothing from the heater, she approaches it for a hug and pats it making a sound of “ahhhhh,”. She then pulls back and said: “I wuv you wobot!” two times before walking away.