Inspiring story of the 6’6″ tall 8-year-old boy who’s now only a few inches shorter than mother

Image by Forevergist

INDIA  –  Karan Singh a schoolboy, from Meerut, has been a record breaker all his life. He entered the Guinness Book of Records as both the heaviest and tallest baby at birth. Now, he is the tallest 8-year-old in the world with his colossal six feet  and six inches height!

When Karan was born, he weighed 7.8 kg and was over 63 cm in length. When he was five-years-old, he got the record for being the tallest toddler.

His father Sanjay said: “He is eight now and I want to get him into the Guinness Records again.”

Some people may think that the extremely tall have an abnormality, or a rare medical condition like gigantism, but Karan is healthy and normal.

Sanjay said: “We take Karan to an endocrinologist regularly. Until now, the tests have not shown any problems and everything is normal. Karan has a good stamina and has no internal problems.”

Karan may have inherited some properties of his genes from his evidently tall father. However, he seems to owe his extraordinary height to his mother Shweatlana. His 33-year-old mother was named India’s tallest woman with a towering height of 7 ft 2 in.

You may get bored of the story; saying ‘nah, I’ve seen better’, or ‘typical bizarre kid probably bullied and cried on school’ or ‘ok now so what if they’re tall, why don’t they put those height into use’ .  Well, relax.

Shweatlana is a basketball player and has represented India in numerous national and international sports events.

Aside from being a basketball star in their country, Shweatlana is also a naturopath by profession.

She said: “I make sure that we follow a special diet and supplements along with a healthy day to day lifestyle.”

Karan still manages to do everything his smaller friends do, despite towering above his classmates..

“After finishing my homework, I play with my friends and then I go play basketball with my mother. She started teaching me since I was five years old and I want to play basketball like my mother. But I also like science a lot,” he said.

Most kids with ‘unique’ physical appearance get hurt when bullied and called names by their co-children, but Karan is different. Despite being embarrassed by his height Karan said he would like to keep growing.

“I like that I am tall and that my mom is tall. I want to be taller than my mom and make my parents proud. But if I have to choose between becoming a doctor and a basketball player, I will choose basketball for sure,” he said.

The proud mother Shweatlana insists that her and her son’s stature is nature’s gift.

She said: “As they say, a tiger’s son grows up to become a tiger. Karan is also the son of a tigress. He will grow up to be a tiger.”

Karan Singh (M) with his parents Shweatlana (L) and Sanjay (R) (Image by Forevergist)