Keep calm, kanin-lovers: Sen. Villar says no plan to ban unli-rice, was just voicing concern

Image from Cynthia Villar's Facebook account
  • Cynthia Villar clarified earlier statement, said she has no plan to file ‘unli-rice’ ban bill
  • She said she was just airing concern for Filipinos eating too much rice
  • She also again urged Filipinos to decrease rice consumption, eat healthier options instead

MANILA, Philippines  –  Sen. Cynthia Villar has clarified her earlier statement calling for the ban of ‘unli-rice’ promos in restaurants; saying she has no plan of filing a bill and was just voicing out her concern.

“I am not planning to make a law banning ‘unli rice’; not at all. I just voiced out my concern that eating too much rice is one of the main causes of high blood sugar that leads to diabetes. But, of course, I cannot prevent people from eating unlimited amount of rice. It is their choice. It was just a genuine expression of concern on my part,” ABS-CBN quoted her as saying.

Villar, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food, had earlier advocated the banning of unlimited rice servings in restaurants as they were contributing to the health risks of the public.

“Ipagbawal na ‘yang unlimited rice; masama ‘yan. Ipagbawal na natin ‘yang unlimited rice kasi nagkakasakit tayo gawa ng unlimited rice na yan. We should learn how to eat vegetables,” she said.

[Unlimited rice should be banned; it’s bad. We should ban unlimited rice because we are getting sick because of that. We should learn how to eat vegetables.]

Various individuals and groups have since jeered and poked fun at her statement.

While clarifying herself, Villar stuck to her position that Filipinos should cut back on rice consumption and eat more healthier options such as vegetables.

“But to decrease health risks, cutting down on rice is still a good idea,” she said.