‘KFC masked rider’ identity revealed! Get to know the whole story behind the ‘not all heroes wear capes’

On Sunday, we featured the good deed of a KFC rider, shared to us by a netizen Manuel Santos, for escorting a tricycle with a patient inside. Out of curiosity as to the real identity of the ‘masked hero,’ and for more information about the story, we tried to get in touch with Mr. Santos and to our delight, he responded with this:


It turns out that when Mr. Santos was on his way to work, he noticed a tricycle with a passenger patient in desperate need for help. The tricycle was repeatedly honking its horn, but it was so faint that no one hears it, so he tried to help by escorting.

But then he realized that the KFC rider was already there before him, honking its horn too, but motorists seem unaware that there’s an emergency involving the trike.

It was then the two simple heroes decided to work together, and to their surprise, other members of the ‘justice league’ (other riders/motorists) came out of nowhere to help too. Their honkin’ horns combined, that’s when the larger vehicles gave way.

They accompanied the people in need to get to their destination. And after their successful mission, the two (Mr. Santos and KFC guy) fist-bumped, enjoyed a high-five, and left the scene quickly as if nothing happened. Sadly, he forgot to ask the name of the KFC hero.

When asked about how he knew the identity of the delivery guy, he replied:

Mr. Santos was also a crew of KFC way back in college. When his post went viral, the food chain franchise searched for the identity of their delivery guy and then Mr. Santos’ former Restaurant General Manager told him the identity of the ‘man behind the mask’—DONNY RAY CRUZ, HERO, KFC RIDER of San Joaquin Branch, Pasig City

Again, we would like to take this opportunity to salute people like these, and to those unsung heroes out there, ordinary people, but extraordinary at heart.

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Posted by Manuel O. Santos III on Thursday, June 1, 2017

Posted by Manuel O. Santos III on Thursday, June 1, 2017

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