Look! A real camera made of paper that takes Instagram-able photos

Image from Paper Shoot Philippines' Facebook Page
  • There’s a camera in Taiwan that is made of paper
  • It’s not a toy but a real camera that can take pictures
  • It originally came from Taiwan but is now available in the Philippines

Want to feel like a photographer using the good old camera but just finds it too heavy?

What if we tell you there is a camera that is as light as paper because it’s made of – what else – paper!

These paper cameras called Paper Shoot are available in Taiwan and you can assemble it all by yourself.

Its box comes with a case; the camera unit that contains the electronics, an SD card, cables, fasteners and AAA batteries.

All you have to do is put the camera unit in the case, insert the batteries and secure it with the fasteners. Insert the memory card and you are good to go.

And since filters are of a big thing in social media photography nowadays, of course, the camera settings also come with its own presents – normal, monochrome, sepia and blue.

The images are saved in an SD card, which can store up to 300 photos. However, the camera is only 5 megapixel so you can’t expect sharp images.

According to GadgetMatch, a unit costs NT$ 1,899 in Taiwan. It is also locally available in the Philippines at P3,750.