Lucky guy survives shipping container crashing on top of him after crane lifting procedure fails

Image capture of video Via CEN, Live Leak Youtube

Imagine a huge metal thing thousands of times your own weight crashing down on top of you.

A man has survived after a heavy shipping container crashed down onto the back of a truck while he was aboard it.

Shocking footage shows the huge container being lifted by a crane, towards the lorry (transport truck).

The mobile crane was trying to lower the metal container onto the back of a truck, but was having difficulty aligning it with the sides of the vehicle.

The man in white T-shirt can be seen holding on to a rope attached to the container, guiding it into place.

But suddenly the crane gives way, one of the cables tripped, or malfunctioned in a way that the massive container comes plummeting down. And by the looks of it, there is no chance that man could have survived the accident.

The man’s concerned buddies ran to the scene, but it turned out that the container missed him ‘by an inch’ and luckily, he survived.

Watching the video in slow motion reveals that he quickly realised what was going on and scrambled out of the way.

The whole accident was caught on camera by an eyewitness with a smartphone in north-western Kazakhstan.

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Watch the video shared by LiveLeak 2017 on You Tube: