Maute families in Metro Manila cry foul over harassment, bullying

Image from EPD

• The Maute clan in eastern Metro Manila sought police help to stop people from harassing and bullying them
• Clan members are being called “terrorists” because they have the same surname as the leaders of a terror group
• EPD director C/Supt. Romulo Sapitula assured the Maute clan of their safety

Members of the Maute clan living in eastern Metro Manila sought the help of the police to stop the harassment and bullying they are being subjected to just because they share the same surname with the leaders of the terrorist group that is wreaking havoc in Marawi City in Lanao del Sur.

As mentioned in Philstar, Bari Maute and other members of the clan met with the Eastern Police District (EPD) officials to help them stop the bullying and harassment in their neighborhood and in their children’s schools.

One of the Maute children, Bari said, comes home crying everyday because she is being called “terrorist” due to her surname.

“We are peace-loving citizens. We have been engaged in businesses in different areas of Metro Manila for more than a decade now,” Bari said.

EPD Director Chief Romulo Superintendent Sapitula assured Bari’s group of their safety.