MMK’s Father’s Day Treat: Piolo portrays selfless father watching his children enjoy their Jolly meals

Image capture of MMK via Facebook

The photo above should’ve made a spark in your heart. Who would forget the story of the selfless father Ryan Arebuabo who instantly became an internet sensation after a photo of him starving while looking at his children eat at a popular  fast food chain captured netizens’ hearts?  Surely, not you.

The story of Ryan will be the Father’s Day treat of ABS-CBN’s long-running drama anthology series MMK this Saturday and the role will be portrayed by Piolo Pascual.

Ryan, as per a DF Balita story, quickly went viral after Jhunnel Sarajan captured the moment wherein the family was kind of celebrating a graduation via a Jollibee meal, but only his daughters were eating for lack of money. Jhunnel posted the photo on his FB account.

“I can’t contain my emotion when I saw them in Jollibee. Walang kinakain si kuya, mapakain lang ang kanyang mga anak.” [The father wasn’t eating, just to feed his children], he posted.

It was later learned as per an ABS-CBN story that the father was a stroke victim and half of his body does not function well. He’s living in a 4-square meter shanty abode made out of rusty iron sheets and used plywood with his daughters.

After the story went viral, the family received assistance from several people.

Let’s take a look at this trailer by MMK: