Mom arrested for allegedly using Facebook while her baby drowns

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A mother from Texas spent around 20 minutes on Facebook while her six-month-old baby was drowning in the bath, police reported.

In a news release, Parker County investigators said Cheyenne Summer Stuckey, 21, originally told deputies she had left her 6-month-old child alone in the bathtub “for only a couple minutes” inside her Reno, Texas, home on June 13.

Stuckey said she became “distracted” by another child after leaving the bathroom and then hopped onto Facebook as a television was on nearby.

At that point, investigators said she realized she had forgotten about her daughter.

A follow-up investigation revealed Stuckey had been on Facebook for at least 18 minutes messaging two people.

Emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene and performed cardio pulmonary resuscitation, but were unsuccessful. Zayla was transported to an Azle hospital by ambulance, where she was pronounced deceased.

Since Zayla’s death,  the remaining children in the home were removed and placed in a foster care.

Stuckey was charged with injury to a child and her bond has not been set.


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