Mom of child who died due to poor health in Marawi grieves: “Masakit na masakit”

Image capture of video by GMA via You Tube

The mother of a newborn baby who immediately passed away after a few hours is in deep grief and pain; GMA News‘s Rida Reyes reported on 24 Oras on Tuesday.

“Masakit na masakit, makita ko lang ang anak ko na nakalagay sa kuwan… hindi ko alam ang mangyari sa akin,” said Aisha Macarambon, an evacuee due to the Marawi siege, referring to his son.  [It hurts to see my child in that condition. I do not know what’s going to happen to me.]

The mother recalled her experience leaving Marawi while pregnant; saying she and her family has to stay in the evacuation center and she has been confined in a hospital when she gave birth due to the difficult condition at the site. Her day of ultrasound was also cancelled.

She gave birth to a baby boy who immediately passed away, just a few hours later due to poor health.

“Napakasakit po na mawalan ng anak kahit malaki o maliit man, pag kinuha talaga siya agad, wala tayo magagawa,” [It hurts to lose a child, when he gets away, we cannot do anything.] lamented Mahmod Macarambon, the boy’s father.

The baby was immediately buried following Muslim traditions.

They are among the 27 evacuees in the evacuation center where they stay.

Dr. Ali Daligdig, Marawi City health officer, said the evacuees have been in the center for 36 days and all they eat are sardines and noodles; that’s why it is expected that their immune system has weakened. Moreover, unless the center is decongested, it is inevitable that health conditions of evacuees will suffer more.

Watch the video report below, courtesy of 24 Oras: