Not ISIS: Duterte says crazy man behind casino attack, won’t declare martial law in Manila

Image capture from PTV's video
  • President discounted ISIS role in deadly Resorts World Manila attack
  • He said culprit just a crazy man, would’ve used his gun to kill if he really was a terrorist
  • Palace also said incident a criminal act, does not warrant martial law declaration

MANILA, Philippines  –  President Rodrigo Duterte brushed aside the Islamic State’s claim it was behind the attack on Resorts World Manila; saying the incident had been caused by a troubled man.

“Bakit mo nakawin ang plastic chips na alam mo namang hindi mo magamit? “That guy is crazy. ‘Di naman niya gusto pumatay,” CNN Philippines quoted him as saying.

[Why would you steal plastic chips that you know you won’t be able to use? That guy is crazy. He didn’t want to kill anyone.]

The attack on the casino complex involved a lone gunman who torched several gambling tables and machines on fire before ransacking millions of pesos worth of chips.

According to Duterte, the assailant’s actions — including burning himself to death instead of trying to kill as many people as possible when he had  the chance — indicated he was not part of the IS whom he described as killers without reason.

“They will simply kill, not even for a reason. That’s the reason why the world today bonded together to fight. Especially when you kill in the name of God. There is no rhyme and reason really,” he said.

For his part, presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said the incident was a criminal act which did not warrant a declaration of martial law.

“The incident in the Resorts World Manila is thus an isolated case which does not constitute rebellion or invasion, which are the grounds for the declaration of martial law as prescribed by the Constitution and which the President is sworn to abide by and protect when he took his oath of office,” he said.