Paw and Order: From stray pup to cop

Image by Nicolas Alejandro Walteros via Facebook

Four years ago, Azul, a schnauzer, was a helpless puppy out in the district of Suba in Bogota, Colombia when Nicolas Alejandro Walteros, a military reservist with the biggest heart, saved him and took him in.

He quickly became fond of Azul and treated him like his own son; providing all his needs.

Since he has a lot of friends in the police force, he brought him to their attention and even made him an honorary police officer complete with uniform and cap so he could help patrol their district. With his puppy charm, he quickly became the ambassador for local law enforcement. Police welcomed him into their team as their mascot.

Posted by Nicolas Alejandro Walteros on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

While he isn’t exactly a scary dog that could help police with catching bad guys like German Shepherds, he makes a difference in their community in his own little way by making people smile. And with his celebrity status among the residents and officers alike, he helps strengthen the bond and relationship between them and is also changing the ways the people see stray animals.

Posted by Nicolas Alejandro Walteros on Monday, January 30, 2017

Azul can be seen patrolling around by paw, by horse or by bike and sometimes even tags along in a police helicopter when duty calls.

It’s a scene that is worth looking at…and smiling over!