Pres. Duterte to order carpet bombing of Marawi City to crush terrorists

Image capture of video by Associated Press
  • President Duterte is ready to order carpet bombing of Marawi City
  • The President said if he has to flatten the city, he will do it
  • The battle for Marawi City is on its fifth week

President Rodrigo Duterte is considering carpet bombing the city of Marawi to put an end to the fighting between government forces and the ISIS-linked Maute Group.

According to the Daily Caller, the military has been trying to dislodge the Maute Group by using ground troops and conducting airstrikes, but the progress has been so slow. The government forces have already killed hundreds of the bandits, but more than one hundred of them still occupy key parts of the city.

The battle for Marawi has been going on for five weeks already. President Duterte said, the Maute Group was preparing for the battle as early as three years ago; stockpiling firearms and ammunitions in buildings in the city.

The President said it has already been difficult to enter Marawi since last year.

“You don’t invade it with men. You really crush it with bombs. I will not put the soldiers at high risk. If I have to bomb the … if I have to flatten the place, I will do it. And I will take full responsibility for it,” he said; adding “I will order the bombing … carpet already, carpet… I will really destroy everything.”