President Duterte to Resorts World Manila: Explain lack of exits

Image from PNI News' Facebook page
  • Resorts World Manila grilled by president on lack of exits
  • He called on casino hotel management to explain inadequate exits inside complex
  • NBI also ordered to probe lapses

MANILA, Philippines  –  President Rodrigo Duterte has called on the management of Resorts World Manila to explain why their casino complex contained so few exits, in light of the deadly botched robbery by a disgruntled ex-government employee.

The president noted that many of the victims chose to hide inside the premises instead of escaping because of the lack of exits.

“The hotel has to explain to us bakit walang mga exit kaagad [why the victims were unable to leave immediately]. The victims hid in the small rooms, in the storage areas, in the toilets, in the comfort room, and they died of suffocation. And to think there’s only one [expletive] running a rampage there.” GMA News quoted him as saying.

“Who would ever think one man could cause deaths without really knowing it? Without intending to kill people? But the fact is the reaction was to go inside the room. Just one question, bakit walang exit na marami [why did they not have many exits]?” Duterte added.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre III has also ordered the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to conduct its own probe to determine the management’s culpability and find out if any government agency is liable.

“We need to know and to determine the responsibility and the liability, if any, of anyone which made possible the tragic events at Resorts World Manila. Whoever is responsible for allowing this tragedy to occur should be made accountable under our laws and before courts,” he said.

The gunman, a heavily-indebted former Department of Finance employee named Jessie Javier Carlos, torched several gambling tables and machines inside the casino. He later burned himself to death inside a hotel room after being wounded by security personnel.