‘Salisi Gang’ ‘hits the jackpot’ on Billionaire Indian businessman’s bag; caught on CCTV

Image by GMA

A ‘bigtime’ Indian businessman had a meeting at a five-star hotel in Makati City last month. Sadly, he was victimized by thieves after his bag was stolen. For easement of the bad luck received, the culprits were caught on CCTV.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage showed seven people g-etting off a white SUV minutes after an Indian national walked inside the hotel with a bag. The seven went inside the hotel one by one and spread out.

After one of them was seen doing a hand signal, the rest of the thieves went to the room where the businessman was having a meeting.

According to the businessman, the suspects took selfie shots and he did not notice that his bag which he placed by his side was gone.

CCTV footage then showed one of the suspects going out of the room carrying the businessman’s bag, followed by the others, including one pregnant woman.

According to the National Bureau of Investigation, the group dubbed as ‘Salisi Gang’ is highly organized and preys on foreigners patronizing hotels and high-end restaurants.

The group was previously arrested in April in Angeles City after one of their victims, a Korean, spotted them while they were at a golf course in Pampanga. However, the members posted bail.

Authorities are on the manhunt for the alleged leader of the gang, known as Wilson Daman, and his accomplices who were positively identified by the Indian national.

Any information leading to their arrest would be a public service.

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