Tagalog-speaking Korean who allegedly ‘displayed’ his genitals to minors caught by tanods

Image capture of GMA video via Youtube

A Korean man was apprehended by barangay officials and tanods after two minors claimed they were sexually, maliciously harassed.

Sing Hun Bae, a Korean, was seen hysterically making a scene on the video; claiming it was all a setup.

According to one of the victims, 15-year-old female, she and her friend were walking along President Avenue when somebody, a Korean man in a car, asked them for directions. The man asked them if they can ride along; promising he will not do anything bad to them, and so they agreed.

But upon reaching a closed gas station, the car stopped and the man started acting maliciously.

At first, he asked if he could smell one of the girls’ foot, and when she declined, the perv unzips his pants, showing his genitals.

The girl also claims that the suspect touched her legs; wanting to touch more.

The girls weren’t able to escape as the doors were in auto-lock.

But when they threatened him that barangay personnel are headed their way, the man panicked and unlocked the car doors, allowing them to flee. It was then they called for help.

As stated by a barangay kagawad of BF Homes, they saw two girls running and when asked, they said they were harassed by the man in the car.

Barangay tanods and officials chased Sing, and were able to accost him.

The Korean was reportedly drunk, knows how to speak tagalog, and claims to be a lawyer.

Sing denied the accusations against him.

He said: “Parang sabi nila pupunta sila daw na pauwi. So on the way ako, so pahatid ko lang sila. Wala akong ginawa tingnan mo katawan nila, wala namang nasaktan.. Tapos bigla naghatid ako kung saan na gusto nila, bigla pumunta dito ‘yung pulis parang setup,” he added.

The barangay officials pledged they will help the minors to file a case against Mr. Sing.

They also reminded all parents to be watchful of their kids, especially during ‘dangerous’ hours of the night.

Watch the video report by GMA News: