[VIDEO] Davao lass, Christy Lagapa is Team Lea’s Last ‘The Voice Teens Philippines’ Member

Image captured from Twitter via The Voice ABS CBN

With only one more team member to complete Lea Salonga’s team, she found that voice in Christy Lagapa for ‘The Voice Teens Philippines.”

Lea Salonga and Sharon Cuneta immediately pressed their buttons once they heard her big voice. The Davao lass immediately caught the attention of the two, especially when she belted out that last note off her cover of “Baliw.”

Bamboo shared his opinion about Lagapa; saying she needs to internalize and study the songs before performing, to elicit the emotion that is embedded within the song.

Lagapa shared that her parents are both in the medical field, which interested Lea Salonga even more, as she had the same dilemma back when she was a teen. Salonga said: “What a voice you have. There’s something special na hindi ko na naririnig ngayon. Na kahit mag-iba-iba iyong uso, kung ano iyong mayroon mo, hindi mawawala sa uso. The first words out of her mouth, doon na ako na-convince that you’re something special. So I hope you come this way.” [What a voice! There’s something special that I rarely hear in the music industry these days. Something constant that never fades with the trend. The first words out of your mouth, I was already convinced you’re special. So I hope you come this way.]

Well, she became the final member of Lea Salonga’s roster of singers. Watch her performance below: