[VIDEOS] Try not to cry: Emotional moment mother hears d**d son’s heartbeat in someone else’s chest

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A mother broke down in tears as she heard the heartbeat of her d**d son beating inside the chest of the man who received it.

The son, Greg Ricks, 31, died in a car crash in September 2016 and his heart was donated to a transplant patient.

The patient, Greg Robbins, was in desperate need of a heart transplant after he suffered a heart attack in March last year.

He only had weeks to live when he found a potential donor.

At first, Mrs Ricks, from North Carolina refused to donate her son’s organs but soon changed her mind.

Mr Robbins’ wife Gwen, the one filming the video, said: “At first she said no to the doctors when they asked about donating his organs but after a few minutes changed her mind and said yes.”

“If she had not changed her mind, my husband probably wouldn’t be alive today because he only had a few weeks to live.”

Six months after the transplant, the two families decided to meet up.

In the video, Mrs Ricks places a stethoscope to Mr Robbins chest, and listens carefully.

Soon after, she suddenly breaks down in tears when she hears her son’s heart beating.

Mr Robbins also sobs during the moment, and hugged the emotional mother.

It is usually the widow’s decision whether to donate a d**d husband’s organs or not, but Greg Ricks was divorced so his mother was the one who made the donor decision.

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In another case four years ago, a mother lost her son and donated his heart to Jordan Drake who had a congenital heart defect.

After years of communication, the two families met.

The sobbing mother got a sweet present from the recipient child; a teddy bear with the recording of her deceased son’s heartbeat.

She said: I knew if Lukas could prevent another family from experiencing the loss that I felt, that’s what I needed to do.


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