[Viral Video] ‘Chilling’ combination of aircon, snake and rat? What to do in case of…

Image by Simple Girl, Facebook, Sharp Calculators

In warm climates, we live with snakes. They slither through our neighborhoods and wildlife preserves and, in some cases, onto our properties and into the most unexpected spots.

In a viral video uploaded by the Facebook page Simple Girl, it can be seen that a big rat was swaying from a rope-like figure. But upon closer inspection, the white rope is actually a snake dangling from the aircondition unit!

To make it weirder and for more phobia, how ‘cool’ is it to see a fresh rat meal on the snake’s mouth?

On the comments section, one netizen posted:

Well he has a point; maybe some snakes are just really  trying to help us. But be careful, for you will never know when something or someone’s ‘ahas’ nature will put you into trouble.

What to do when you see a snake inside your house?

Maybe the smartest move is not to rush to your computer and google ‘what to do’. You have to watch those feet as you type.

Instead, flee the scene, especially for children, but if possible, keep an eye on the snake’s whereabouts. Be sure you have something in your hands like a broom for emergency. Try to contain the snake; meaning block all exits if it is hiding from a trapped space. Or guide it outside of your home with a long stick if you can, but it is best advised to call a wildlife control or a professional or at least any kind of help from someone. And don’t proceed to normal daily routines until the problem has been confirmed solved.

Most fathers would like to say ‘just kill it or smash its head with something long and hard,’ before it hurts my children, but no. PAWS, DENR, and other agencies would not like that. Sometimes, ‘just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should do it.’

Important: Do not ever, ever, try to solve the problem alone. Just like in performing electrical trouble-shooting, even a non-knowledgeable bystander can save your life if things get worse.

Prevention is always better than cure or on-the-spot trouble-shooting. Find out why the snake got inside your house. Are there prey like mice? Are there big holes for them to go in? Can you put snake traps next time? Can you eliminate rat and snake problems at the same time?

For  more know-how, you can visit this page

We, humans have been on top of the food chain for a very long time now. Because of our rapid population growth, we needed to expand residential areas for mankind. Some areas where flora and fauna once thrived, are now subdivisions, hotels, etc. Let us try to live in harmony with these creatures for we share with them this Earth. Being on top, with only co-people as our own predators, let us be responsible.

Meanwhile, comments on the clip have reached more than 27,000!

Watch the video posted by Simple Girl on Facebook:

Posted by Simple Girl on Saturday, June 10, 2017