[VIRAL VIDEO] Clever cuties: Toddler teaches baby brother how to escape from his crib

Image capture of video by Daily Bumps via Facebook

“You can do it… jump to me!” Words of encouragement and a picture of trust right there at a very young age! The viral video of the siblings has reached over 52Million views, and more than 579K Facebook reactions as of this posting.

This is the cute moment a toddler teaches his little brother how to break free from his crib.

Footage of the naughty blonde duo captured on a baby monitor started by showing a baby alone, crying, maybe longing for company in the room.

Next scenes showed the elder brother getting inside the room carrying a blue kiddie chair over to the crib.

He pulled away a white blanket from the floor so he can position the chair before executing the final stages of his master plan.

He lifted the blue chair over his head and dropped it down in the crib. The baby brother tried to help him with the chair, but he insisted and said “I got it, Finn” as he climbed into the crib.

Older brother demonstrated and gave his younger sibling the instruction on how to climb up the crib and onto the floor as he said “Do this.” 

“You can do it!” He offers his tiny hands, saying “Finn, jump to me!”

Showing he knew exactly what he was doing, Finn was urged to “jump” as he was finally able to escape.

Once Finn was grounded, the pair celebrated their freedom together.

The toddler told his younger sibling, in a happier voice and tone “You got it, Finn!” then hugged him.

Holding hands, the naughty pair walked over to the nursery door and fled the bedroom.

We, adults can learn or at least relate from this in our mature world. It just simply shows brotherly love, and the words called ‘encouragement’ and ‘trust’.

This might seem cute, however there were heart-jumping moments for parents who consider safety of their little ones. Even if it’s a good thing that the floor is all soft and no potential hazards around, all parents should check on their children more often. But for now, let’s enjoy this very adorable moment. Watch the video posted on Facebook by Daily Bumps:

CAUGHT ON CAMERA – Toddler helps baby brother out of crib!

Posted by Daily Bumps on Tuesday, June 6, 2017