Vlogger makes 30-second tourism video about the Philippines – for only $100

Image from Nas Daily's Facebook account
  • Arab-Israeli blogger scored gov’ts for wasting millions on extragavant tourism videos
  • He said they wasted money easily because it was not their own
  • He also said his 30-second video proves gov’ts can market their places without breaking the bank

MANILA, Philippines – A 30-second tourism video of the Philippines for only $100? Sounds too good to be true.

For Nuseir Yassin, however, it was a piece of cake.

After becoming well-known among Filipinos with his promotional “8 Days in the Philippines in 8 Minutes”, the Arab-Israeli vlogger and owner of Nas Daily bounced back with another tourism video promoting the country.

This time, however, Yassin also intended to make a statement with his video — particularly against the tendency of governments to waste millions of taxpayer money making extravagant commercials.

“Making these videos cost me 100 bucks per day,” he said. “If the same video is made by an agency, it would cost $10,000. That’s why government spends millions of dollars on tourism videos that are just sh*tty copies of other videos.

Yassin also singled out the Philippines after the debacle involving its newest tourism video which bore similarities to an earlier ad in South Africa.

“This happened in the Philippines,” he said. “So I decided in New York as a one-man team to make the best video about the Philippines in 30 seconds.”

In a post accompanying the video, Yassin said he hopes governments can learn from his video that it doesn’t cost much to make a good commercial promoting their respective countries.

“If tourism departments are interested in exposure – and not cinematography and actors – then this should do the job,” he said. “Some of the best videos are the simplest.”

See this video by Nas Daily and be simply amazed!

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