Watch: Life of Tom Taus after he played the iconic character ‘Cedie’ 21 years ago

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Still remember the child who portrayed the iconic character of Cedie in 1996?

Former child star Tom Taus, who played the lead role in “Cedie: Ang Munting Prinsipe”, has starred in so many movies in the 1990s, including DNA, Shake Rattle and Roll, and Anak ng Bulkan.

In 1999, however, his family left for the US. He has the decision to stay in showbiz but he felt that he needed to have a life outside the field of acting.

Seventeen years after disappearing from the limelight, Taus is now a famous Hollywood DJ and drummer. He was also able to work with some Hollywood celebrities. The 30-year-old celebrity has also been touring around the world; bringing with him energetic beats.

In 2014, he came back to live in the Philippines. Although he did not return to acting, he was able to be part of some variety shows both in TV5 and in ABS-CBN.

His sister, Antoinette Taus, on the other hand, came back in 2016 and continued her acting career.

Throwback. Watch this video clip from “Cedie: Ang Munting Prinsipe”:

What happened to Tom Taus after he leaving his acting career? Watch this: