[WATCH] Modus alert! Watch out for this solicit-style theft caught on CCTV

Image capture of video by Umagang Kay Ganda via Youtube

A man pretending to be a solicitor took a woman’s mobile phone inside a restaurant in Dasmariñas, Cavite.

As shown on the CCTV footage, the man can be seen entering the restaurant, carrying nothing. He took a quick look around the place before going to the restrooms.

When he got out, he went straight to the dining customers; holding bond papers in his hand.

CCTV recorded the moment he placed some of his papers over one of the cellphones on the victim’s table.

Pretending to be soliciting, having received no amount, seems to be ok for most ‘real’ solicitors, but this one? He took much more than just donation money.

The victim was identified as Hedalyn Jutic. According to her, the cellphone was a gift from her child who is working abroad. She said they were at the restaurant celebrating the birthday of one of her friends, and they were taking pictures that’s why their phones were on the table.

She wants the case and the video to be investigated by the PNP.

The authorities are reminding people to be vigilant of their belongings at all times.

According to the restaurant management, solicitation is not allowed in their establishment.

But the crook went in with an idea, carrying nothing, pretending to be a customer.

Watch the video report by Umagang Kay Ganda


Source :

You Tube, ABS CBN