Watch: Popular 90’s singer Carol Banawa and her life now

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Where’s the singer behind the songs “Bakit ‘Di Totohanin?”, “Iingatan Ka”, “Muntik Na Kitang Minahal”, and “Tanging Yaman”?

Singer Carol Banawa was one of the popular singers in the Philippines in the late 1990s. Who doesn’t love her songs from heart?

Everything was going smoothly in her career when, tragically, her father and brother were discovered unconscious in their car due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The incident claimed the life of her brother and left her father paralyzed.

In 2003, Banawa decided to go to the United States to earn more to support her father’s medication. Haplessly, her father died years later.

In 2010, she made her comeback in the music industry and starred in the hit Philippine TV series, Mara Clara, where she sang the opening song of the said TV series.

At present, Banawa and her mother lives in America. The singer also has her own family now; blessed with a good husband and two beautiful kids.

Still a songbird? Yes, definitely. She hasn’t lost the magic.

Here’s a recent post of her singing on Facebook:

Impromptu open mic sesh at an Irish Pub ? To the TFC people and organizers of our event in Jacksonville, FL last June 3rd, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! ??

#pinoyinvasion  #acousticsession

Throwback. Listen to one of Carol Banawa’s popular songs:

Watch this video to see more of her recent photos and know more about her life now: