Whiskey-infused gummy bears, what the? Oh it tastes great, but keep out of kids’ reach!

Image by myweeklyfascination, Etsy, Vinegelee

Gummy bears, the small, fruit gum candy loved by children, is getting the grown-up touch: infused with Fireball cinnamon whiskey.

There are currently two online shops where Fireball whiskey-flavored gummy bears can be purchased.

Delish reports that the first is from Dublin-based Irish Confectionery Co., and their version is called “Fire Cubs.” The hand-made gelatin bears spiked with Fireball are sold for $5.79 per 100-piece pack.

The Irish company also handles international orders. Aside from Fireball, they also have considered mulled wine, rum, wildberry moonshine and orange creamsicle whiskey-flavored gummies.

The other company is Colorado-based VineGelee. Their version of Fireball gummies are called “Fire Bears.” Their product is sold by weight which vary from $10 for a 4-ounce bag to $31 for one pound of Fire Bears.

They also ship internationally and have their own selection of flavored gummy bears, which include champagne rosé, and beer.

Both companies are taking orders through the e-commerce site Etsy.

A bit expensive? or can’t wait any longer to taste this new stuff? You can buy regular gummy bears, soak them into Fireball whiskey for a few hours, and enjoy. And why not try a more ‘masa’ approach: gummy bears-gin/empe/red horse. Just keep them out of kids’ reach, of course!