After all the controversies, Xian Gaza says he still wants to have coffee with Erich

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  • Businessman Xian Gaza is  still not giving up on his dream to have a coffee date with actress Erich Gonzales
  • Gaza is the man who asked Gonzales to have coffee with him through a billboard in Manila
  • Gaza has been accused of being a scammer and he admitted that was in the past

Amid a lot of controversies, businessman Xian Gaza is still not giving up on his dream to have a coffee date with actress Erich Gonzales.

In an article written by  Nerisa Almo of PEP, it was disclosed that Gaza, who asked Gonzales for a coffee date through a billboard in Manila, still wants to have coffee with the actress.

“I’m not after fame, all I want is a coffee date,” he expressed.

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After the billboard story went viral, Gaza’s alleged victims started to come out; saying that the 24-year-old — who identified himself as the CEO of a startup company called Guanxiquian Group — is a scammer.

Gaza, on the other hand, did not deny the allegations.

“My bitter past was never a secret and even publicly open about it,” he said.

He even posted on Facebook last June 20 that he got involved in a pyramiding scam when he was 19, which led to a personal debt amounting to P13.9 million; saying in his post that: “I became a victim ‘distributor’ and technically, yes, a FORMER SCAMMER.”

He also claimed that he got death threats, criminal charges, court subpoenas, and warrants of arrest when he was 20 years old.

“I literally, literally lost everything in my life including my dignity but not my faith and my love for God!”


Earlier, Gaza’s invitation to Gonzales went viral, getting different reactions from social media users.

“Last January 5, I was so down and demotivated with life while nursing a broken heart. So I have decided to take a much-needed walk towards SM Aura’s chapel, crying while praying, desperately asking for some Divine strength and guidance then went down and decided to book a flight to Hong Kong immediately the next day to unwind and breathe some air. Afterwards, I jumped off to Uptown Mall Cinema to watch the last full show of “Assassin’s Creed” and much to my surprise you were seated right there in front of me along with some other four. After the movie, I mustered all courage I had up my sleeve in order to approach you and took this very selfie so that I may remember that magical moment. You, being kind, happily obliged. At that moment, you had left a massive imprint on my heart. You left me mesmerized,” he said in an open letter for the actress.

“Half of 2017 had passed now and I made 29 flights to numerous locations taking that “Uptown Mall Cinema Moment” with me, and so with you who never left my mind,” he further expressed.

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