Amazing! 100-year-old celebrates birthday by skiing: “It was really one of the nicest birthdays I’ve ever had”

Image capture of video by Ski Utah via YouTube

To celebrate his 100th birthday, George Alexander Jedenoff went skiing. Yes, that’s so true!

George Jedenoff, 100, of California, travelled to Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah on July 5 to celebrate the milestone while surrounded by friends and family.

According to Powder, Jedenoff is a resident of California’s Bay Area and has not missed a ski season since 1960.

He first learned to ski when he was 43-years old and made it a point to hit the slopes every year since then.

He skied three days this past winter and flew to Utah on Saturday to acclimate from sea level to 7,000 feet before he turns 100 years old.

On Wednesday, Snowbird is firing up the tram for Jedenoff to ski a birthday hot lap with his family and ski buddies he’s had for over 50 years.

“Everyone was so supportive and wonderful,” Jedenoff told Inside Edition. “It was really one of the nicest birthdays I’ve ever had.”

Wonder why he is still in tip-top form? He said his secret to keeping in shape is to spend 15 minutes to an hour exercising in his basement every day.

Watch his momentous video  by Ski Utah here as the centenarian conquers the Snowbird Ski Resort.