Amazing! Golden retriever rescues baby deer from drowning in a harbor

Image capture of video by Mark Freeley via Facebook

This golden retriever has a baby deer in his mouth and he’s doing something amazing.

It is not a ball that Storm went to get in the water Sunday morning —  but a young deer drowning.

As he was walking along the edge of Long Island Strait, New York resident Mark Freeley saw his dog suddenly plunge into the water to save a baby deer.

Freeley captured the heroic scene using his phone.

“Storm plunged into the water and swam down to the young deer, grabbed it by the neck and came back to shore,” he told CBS.

He immediately called experts to check on the fawn. As soon as they started walking on the beach, he said the fawn, likely spooked by the dogs, ran back into the water. That began rescue round two.

Freeley and Frank Floridia of Strong Island Animal Rescue League both waded into the water to rescue the baby deer. After eight minutes, Floridia  finally succeeded in getting the fawn to safety.

“”It was an amazing group effort today,” the Strong Island Animal Rescue League wrote. “Thank you Mark, Storm, Frankie, Erica and everyone at STAR who all played an amazing part in saving a life today.”

The fawn is reportedly now in an animal shelter until it can get back on its feet. He was covered with ticks and was wounded in one eye.

Watch the heroic rescue of Storm here: