Baby sold by ‘drug addict’ father returned to her mother

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“I could not sleep all these months after she was snatched from my lap”; words of a Bangladeshi woman whose daughter was sold off by her drug-addicted husband.

But she felt an immeasurable amount of joy on Thursday, after being reunited with her baby. The 10-month-old was returned to her mother after a court in Chittagong ruled the child had been taken without the mother’s permission and sold to a childless couple.

The baby’s mother, Nusrat Jahan, told AFP: “I am extremely happy that I got my daughter back.”

Suspecting her husband’s role in their daughter’s disappearance, Jahan launched legal action in April. Her husband, a methamphetamine addict, is accused of stealing the baby from the couple’s home Halishahar, a neighborhood in Chittagong.

An emotional scene reportedly ensued as the baby was taken from her adoptive parents and given to her biological mother, Court clerk Mohammad Yusuf said.

“The child was reluctant to leave her adoptive mother, as she has nursed her well,” Yusuf said. “Both the baby and the adoptive mother burst into tears as the child was reunited with her mother,” he added.

Jahan, 20, said the adoptive parents are forever welcome to visit the child.

“I told her my door is always open,” she said; referring to the adoptive mother.

The husband has been detained and will face charges relating to kidnapping and selling his own baby.