Dazed and confused; Is that John Lloyd Cruz or Janus Del Prado?

Image by Instagram

What sorcery is this?

Netizens were shocked by the stunning resemblance of Janus Del Prado to another popular actor when he posted a photo on Instagram.

The post, captioned ‘gagong gupit’ [silly haircut] has a page of comments; with many saying he looks a lot like ‘John Lloyd Cruz,’ and if not, ‘Popoy’ (from famed Popoy and Basha movie One More Chance.)


Image capture of comments section via Instagram

Gagong Gupit. ??? #janusdelprado #pambansangbestfriend #fatnessfirst #dadbod #overmydadbody #chubbyisyummy #angtunaynalalakemaytyan #pisnginijollibee

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Indeed! At first glance he really look a lot like John Lloyd, but to help us get our trust back to our eyes, here’s a comparison. Can you spot who is who?

Image by Facebook, Instagram, Imgrum

Still confused? Well, whoever is who, both of them, for sure, are good-looking, and both are good actors, too!

Janus became controversial May 2017 when he ranted about his irritation over a young actor (with initials ‘N.A.’) who allegedly disrespected him.

Janus del Prado (Screen name) born Janus Renato Robles Mateo III on November 19, 1984, is a Filipino actor. He is the youngest son of veteran action star/character actor Renato Natividad Mateo a.k.a. “‘Renato del Prado'” and character actor Amelia Robles.

He started in showbusiness at the age of 5 doing bit roles. His mother refused to use his father’s influence in the industry to get in so she trained him and his two other siblings herself in acting and regularly brings them to auditions.

He has been in the industry since 1990 and has done a variety of roles. Some of his movies and TV shows are One More Chance, A Second Chance, Batang X, Magic Kingdom, Bridges of Love, Green Rose, Pagpag, How to be Yours, Lobo, Qpids, Pulis Probinsya, Pulis Probinsya 2, Catch me I’m In love, The Story of Us, Gmik, Ang Bagong Pamilya ni Ponching, to name a few.