Emirates flight attendant pours champagne back into a bottle

Image capture from video by Yevgeny Kaymov

A flight attendant of Emirates Airline, Dubai’s carrier, has been caught on video pouring a glass of champagne back into a bottle; sparking a debate on social media.

The video was recorded by a Russian passenger Evgeny Kayumov and uploaded on Instagram. The passenger only accidentally recorded the incident while on a business class flight from Dubai, his Instagram post said.

“I accidentally filmed this video, and didn’t even notice this moment at the time, pouring unfinished champagne back into the bottle. Is that normal practice Emirates?” the caption read.

In the short clip, which runs around 12 seconds, a female stewardess can be seen pouring back a glass of drink into what looked like a bottle of champagne.

Netizens were divided in their reactions; with some saying the flight attendant may have just been pouring the unused drink into the bottle before take-off, and to dispose it later after take-off.

“We’re not allowed to pour things out while we’re on the ground. I bet they’re pouring it all back in the bottle so they can then pour it out at cruising instead of dumping it all in the trash can making it all soggy,” said one commenter.

Others said the stewardess could not be reusing the drink or saving it for herself as the champagne would soon lose its fizz, being a carbonated drink.

But in a statement to the Telegraph, Emirates Airline vowed to investigate the incident.

“Emirates always strives to provide the top quality service. Actions recorded on this video do not comply with our quality standards. We are currently investigating the incident,” it said.