G.O.T. fan uses 44-inch medieval sword to save woman from rapist

Image by Pinterest, Max Herman Sun Times, Cook County Sheriff's Office

How would you feel if you were a damsel in distress saved by a knight in shining armor from a monster?

Change plot: How would you feel if you were a 21st century city girl saved from a mugger by a man in his pyjamas, with his well, uh, sharp and shiny medieval sword? ^_^

CHICAGO —  Twenty five-year old software consultant Mac Dolan woke up at 5 a.m. one day to the screaming of a woman; a guest in his apartment at Wicker Park.

He walked into the living room to find a man punching, choking and attempting to undress the female guest who had been sleeping on Dolan’s couch for the night.

So what the nerdy but heroic Dolan did was he grabbed his 44-inch long, 10-pound sword and went to the woman’s rescue.

Dolan said in the report by Chicago Times: “I saw the guy standing over her, and she was kicking and screaming. And I just started yelling and running at the guy basically and grabbed the sword that we have on the wall and chased him toward the back stairs.”

The attacker, surprised upon seeing a dashing, yelling man with a medieval sword, took a moment to process ‘what on Earth’ was happening.

It was only after Dolan’s sword-swinging that made the mugger decide to flee.

“When I got to the landing at the top of the stairs, I took one cut at him with the sword, but he ducked, and I missed and dented the wood railing,” said Dolan.

Dolan then went back to check on the woman and called 911.

As this story may already sound weird, here’s where it becomes funnier:

While the hero with a sword was waiting for the cops to arrive, he found the attacker’s wallet lying on the ground. The assailant, identified as Francisco Chavez, 39, was later arrested when he tried to report the supposed theft of his wallet.

Francisco Chavez (Image by Cook County sheriff’s office via Chicago Sun Times)

The sword, together with its wall mount, was purchased around six months prior, during a friend’s birthday celebration at Medieval Times. Dolan and John Henry Zuercher, his roommate, bought the sword.

Medieval Times is a restaurant-theater that features knightly activities and even ‘jousting’ to entertain guests as they eat dinner.

According to buddies Dolan and Zuercher, the very first time they laid eyes upon the sword, they had an urge or a feeling that they’ ‘need’ it.

Dolan said: “It’s kind of funny because we have pretty frequent conversations about using the sword if someone breaks in.”

“We’re ‘Game of Thrones’ guys,” said Zuercher.

“We hung [the sword] in the wall equidistant between our bedrooms, so whoever gets there first can use it,” Dolan told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Mac Dolan with his sword and its mount (Image by Max Herman Sun Times)

Well, this is inspiring, right? Perhaps it’s time to also hang a sword on the wall of our homes?