Horn shrugs off doubters and critics, is open to rematch with Pacquiao

Image from Jeff Horn's Facebook account
  • Aussie boxer brushed aside naysayers who slammed controversial decision over Pacquiao
  • He said doubters will always exist regardless of which side wins the match
  • He also evinced openness to fight Pacquiao in a rematch

Newly-minted WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn shrugged off criticisms over his controversial win against Manny Pacquiao; saying there will always be critics regardless of which side gets the victory.

“There’s always going to be the backlash where people are going to say I was lucky, or whatever,” ABC News quoted him as saying. “There’s always naysayers saying I didn’t win the fight. I think I won the fight, a lot of Queenslanders think I won the fight and people around the world. So you will always have the select few that are against you.”

Horn won over Pacquiao via unanimous decision during Sunday’s match held in Brisbane, Australia.

Despite the doubts, Horn said he will be happy to fight Pacquiao again in a rematch.

“I’m happy to have a rematch, it’d be good to have him back here fighting,” he said. “Manny Pacquiao is an absolute warrior, he’s a legend of this sport. He might have come in underdone, but if we have a rematch, if he puts it all in, I don’t know.”

For now, Horn said he hopes his victory will give his name — as well as the status of boxing in his homeland — a much-needed boost.

“It was, I guess, the Manny Show. Even on TV, I can remember watching programs saying the Manny Pacquiao fight in Brisbane. My name wasn’t normally mentioned in those programs, but now hopefully I’m a bit more recognised and I’ve established myself in the boxing community a bit more,” he said.