Less Filipinos consider themselves poor – SWS survey

Image from NAPC's Facebook Page
  • SWS’ recent survey shows only 44% of the families rate themselves as poor
  • This is a 6-point decline from the results of the survey in March
  • The number translates to 10.1 million families

The number of Filipino families rating themselves as poor declined to 44% – a six point decline from the 50% survey results in March of the Social Weather Stations (SWS).

According to the polling firm, this rating accounts for over 10.1 million Filipino families considering themselves poor.

The SWS explained that the decreases was due to the drop in self-rated poverty in balance Luzon and Metro Manila, a story by ABS-CBN said.

From 36% in the March survey, only 28% of the families in the capital consider themselves poor. In Luzon, only 34% are self-rated poor from 50% rating in March.

The number of food-poor dropped to 32% from last cycle’s 35%. This translates to 8.1 million families considering their food as poor.

Despite this, the families still need a boost in their income.

Survey results showed that the respondents are P5,000 short every month from meeting the threshold.

Threshold in the areas differs. It’s P20,000 for Metro Manila, P15,000 for balance Luzon, P10,000 for Visayas and Mindanao.

“These values are higher in the June 2017 survey compared to their March 2017 counterparts, meaning families are in need of more money and lack more money to escape food poverty,” wrote the SWS report.

President Rodrigo Duterte has started his term with a self-rated poverty at 45%.