Look! Chinese vlogger accidentally poisoned herself after biting what she thought was ‘alove vera’ in a live video

Image capture of video via QQ

A Chinese video blogger accidentally poisoned herself by eating, in a live video, what she believed to be aloe vera.

She fired up a livestream with two large leaves, both of which looked close to aloe vera, which is known for its medicinal properties (although eating the plant raw still isn’t a good idea).

Known as Ms. Zhang, 26, the social networking star in China wanted to demonstrate the health benefits of the plant.

However, she was wrong and had bought the wrong type of plant; one that not only had no health benefit but it was poisonous!

What she  actually ate was an American Agave, a poisonous plant in Mexico, according to local reports.

At the beginning of the video, Ms. Zhang is heard saying “yum” and “this is great’ in her local language.

As the clip progresses she complains about the taste; saying: “That’s bitter… that’s really bitter.”

Soon after, things took a weird turn and Ms. Zhang began to realize there was a problem. Her mouth went numb and her throat felt as though it was on “fire”.

She ended the live stream then and went to the hospital where she was told by the doctors that she had been eating Agave Americana; not aloe vera.

The doctors also told her she was lucky to have arrived at the hospital quickly enough, else the consequences would have been worse.

Watch her video here as it unfolds: