Look! Handcuffed man proposes to girlfriend as he was being a******d

Image capture of video by Inside Edition via YouTube

Look! Even handcuffs can’t stop this man from proposing to his girlfriend.

Police officers were arresting Brandon Thompson, 35, at his home for 6 felony warrants when he made an odd request. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Leandria Keith.

The moment was captured on one of the police officer’s body cameras, showing Thompson getting down on a knee and kissing his blushing bride after she accepted.

“Oh my gosh is he serious? But I knew I was gonna say yes. Like, I love him a lot … I guess it’s like an unconditional love, you know?” said the bride-to-be, Leandria Keith via News on 6.

The couple has been together since May 2016. They told CNN they will set a date for their wedding once Thompson’s legal troubles has been resolved.

Thompson’s arrest is related to charges including possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and failure to appear in court, according to court documents.

Thompson also told CNN that he wants to have a fresh start and plans to turn his life around. Marrying Keith, he said, is one of his first steps.

Check this report by Inside Edition via You Tube: