Marquez blasts judges in Pacquiao-Horn fight, but says Filipino foe made one critical mistake

Image capture from Walrus Rider's YouTube video
  • Mexican boxer said judges gave the wrong decision in Pacquiao-Horn match
  • However, he also noted that Pacquiao cost himself the victory by failing to finish off opponent
  • He also said boxing officials the ones to blame for sport’s dwindling popularity

MANILA, Philippines  –  Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez expressed support for his rival Manny Pacquiao amid the latter’s losing against Australian Jeff Horn; saying the judges were wrong to award the match to the latter.

“Jeff Horn made a good fight but the judges were wrong, they were wrong again to give him the decision and the world knows. I had him winning by four points and somehow I think it should have been like that,” he told Boxing Scene.

At the same time, Marquez said Pacquiao’s failure to finish off Horn in the tenth round after badly hurting him in the ninth also cost him the victory.

“Well, what surprised me was when he had Horn in bad shape in the ninth, and then he did not go after him in the tenth – and that was a mistake because that round went to Horn. When the referee told Horn to show him something so he wouldn’t stop the fight, Horn came out with everything and at that moment Pacquiao was surprised and also (Freddie) Roach was surprised,” he said.

Nevertheless, Marquez said that boxing officials — the judges and referees — and not the boxers themselves are the ones to blame for the sport’s dwindling credibility and popularity.

“People say that boxing no longer makes sense, but boxing is not to blame. You have to put the blame on judges who know that they should be doing their jobs well. There is no way that you can blame boxing, it’s the (officials), from the judges to the promoters and even the referee,” he said.