Meet Forest, the extremely rare mint-green puppy born to a golden retriever

Image by DR Choudhury, Cascade News

Look mom, that [insert color: brown, white, black, gold, gray] puppy is so cute! But maybe, we can add another color to that.

Mrs Louise Sutherland, from Golspie in the Scottish Highlands, was left baffled when her pet golden retriever gave birth to a green puppy.

The three-year-old family pet dog ‘Rio’ had a litter of nine puppies last week, but when one came out green, specifically ‘mint green’ Mrs. Sutherland was shocked.

The extremely rare occurrence, which is thought to have happened only the fourth time in the world, (one at Lancashire, England, one in the U.S., and the other in Spain) is caused by a bile pigment called ‘biliverdin’ that is found in the placenta of dogs.

The substance can stain the puppy’s coat when it mixes with the mother’s *amniotic fluid. *(the liquid that protects and nourishes the puppy)

Mrs. Sutherland has now named the pup Forest in recognition of her unusual shade.

“The first pup was stuck, so myself and my daughter Claire managed to free him and pull him out safely. It was all hands on deck but then as the puppies started to arrive, we noticed that one of the puppies had green fur. We couldn’t believe it,” Mrs. Sutherland said.

“When we checked it out later we found out it is very unusual and to do with the placenta. The colour has faded quite a bit already and will be gone soon, I’m told. We’ve named him Forest,” she added.

Mrs Sutherland said that her dog Rio’s puppies are all great and growing like mushrooms.

Watch a video of a new born green puppy shared on Youtube way back in 2008: