Mother, daughter accidentally eats baby snake, gets hospitalized

Image via Indian Express

In Indore, India, a 35-year-old mother and her 15-year-old daughter were sent to the hospital after they accidentally ate a baby snake  they didn’t know was in the vegetables she cooked.

As per reports, they are not in critical condition; however, the doctors will still be running a few tests to determine any possible poison from what they ate.

“A snake’s poison becomes dangerous when it mixes in blood and gets circulated. We will monitor the condition of both the patients for the next couple of days,” one of the attending doctors explained.

The doctor of Medicine Department, Dharmendra Jhanwar said that when the mother, identified as Afzaan Imam, and daughter Aamna were admitted into the hospital, they wouldn’t stop vomiting.

Apparently they cooked a cabbage the previous night and it turns out the baby snake was hidden inside the cabbages and it was only after they were done eating that they noticed the remains of the reptile that was also chopped and and definitely cooked.

This is something that could happen to anyone anywhere so please check your vegetables and wash them multiple times to ensure your health.